Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change

Manchester City Council

In 2009, Manchester City Council published its 'Call to Action' on climate change, setting out that, in order to respond fully to the challenges and opportunities of climate change, all people and organisations in the city would need to get involved. The Call to Action also acknowledged the views of many groups and individuals who had been calling for the development of a climate change strategy for Manchester.


On that basis the Council introduced a very different approach for the development of Manchester's first ever climate change strategy. Shifting from a writer and approver of local policy, the Council devolved the writing process to the city at large, inviting them to produce a plan for the city, written by the city. The result was Manchester: A Certain Future, a strategy and action plan collectively produced and owned by Manchester's stakeholders.


The Council endorsed Manchester: A Certain Future in November 2009, before publishing their own plan, setting out how the Council would contribute to citywide action on climate change.


Further information on the Council's activities is available from www.manchester.gov.uk/climatechange