Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change

Manchester Climate Change Agency


Manchester Climate Change Agency was established in September 2015 by the Manchester: A Certain Future Steering Group, Manchester City Council and BDP.


The Agency’s aim is to get everybody in the city taking action on climate change. Through working with partners to support, encourage and enable all residents and organisations in the city to play their part, we aim to ensure that Manchester meets its local climate change targets and contributes towards keeping global temperature changes to within 1.5-2oC of pre-industrial levels.

To achieve this the Agency works with other city partners on three headline objectives:


Objective 1 – Create a Strong and Unified Movement for Action on Climate Change Based on a Shared Understanding of Its Importance and the Need to Act

Only through working together can we achieve our ambitious climate change targets. Our work to create a ‘movement’ includes targeted engagement activities for the city’s different stakeholder groups (visit our Get Involved page) and work with the Our Manchester Forum and Manchester City Council to support local policy development.


Objective 2 – Monitor and Report the City’s Progress on Climate Change

We work with experts from the city’s universities and other organisations to monitor Manchester’s climate change progress. We report this progress, the successes and the areas where more work is needed, through the city’s climate change annual reports. Click here to see our progress and read our annual reports.

We also help to share progress and good practice through regular news stories on this website and promotion through our partners’ channels.


Objective 3 – Initiate New Projects and Funding Bids

Whatever the latest progress, there’s always more to do. Working with partners between September 2015 and May 2016, so far we have helped to develop new projects and funding bids worth over £10m. With lots more in the pipeline...


Directors' Meeting Minutes

Minutes from meetings of the Climate Change Agency’s Board of Directors are available here.


Annual Accounts

The Agency's annual accounts are available from Companies House and by clicking here



Programme Director

Jonny Sadler

Jonny is Programme Director for the Manchester Climate Change Agency. Working to the Climate Change Agency Board of Directors, he is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Agency, development of new partnerships to strengthen climate change action across the city, and working with partners to promote Manchester as a leading city for its progress and innovative stakeholder-led approach. Prior to working for Manchester Climate Change Agency, Jonny was Environmental Strategy Manager at Manchester City Council.


Project Development and Funding Manager

Lisa Lingard

Lisa is Project Development and Funding Manager for the Manchester Climate Change Agency. She is responsible for working with partners to lead and support the development of new projects and bids for funding. Previously she was Principal Environmental Strategy Officer at Manchester City Council. 



Carbon Literate Organisation

Manchester Climate Change Agency is a Gold Carbon Literate Organisation. Click here to download a summary of what we are already doing and our plans to achieve the Platinum standard by 2018. For further information on Carbon Literacy for organisations click here.