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University of Manchester's Earth Week

Contributed by Ishiko Yi-Shien Looi on 23.02.2016

University of Manchester's Earth Week ran from 8th - 13th February

Every year the Student Union of University of Manchester holds a range of interesting talks, events and activities during the ‘Earth Week’ to engage students from the University with the latest environmental issues and spread awareness on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.
The Earth Week this year fell in February from 8th to 12th where there were a variety of eco-workshops and eco-events going on all around the campus. I was invited by my 3rd year seniors from the same course (Environmental Science), Chloe Yiin and her course mates, to help out at an Eco Action Game Event which was held on the 11th of February (Thursday) from 1pm to 4pm in the Conference Room of the Manchester Museum.
The aim of the event was to engage people with eco-games and workshops while introducing tips and information to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle through games that they have prepared.


The games they have prepared were:

1. Giant Snakes and Ladders

Instead of having the players to move their tokens around the game board, the players themselves stood on the giant snake and ladders ‘carpet-like’ game board and toss a giant blow-up dice to decide their movement. The rules were similar to normal snakes and ladders; but in this game, if the player encountered blocks that show an eco-unfriendly action, the player would need to be punished by go backwards. If the player encountered blocks that show eco-friendly actions, they got to proceed forward.

2. Eco Top Trumps

Just like normal the Top Trumps card game, but this time the ‘level’ and ‘power’ of your cards depend on if that action causes more or less carbon emissions, energy usage and so on.

3. Eco Play Your Cards Right

Players will get a point if they can predict the amount of carbon emission reduced by a year (CO2  kg per year) for an eco-friendly action compared to the previous one.

4. Eco Action Bingo

The rules for this game were exactly the same as a normal bingo game however the players got to learn new eco-friendly ways to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

5. Guess The Emission

This game was pretty straight-forward; the players ranked which action caused the most carbon emissions and the answer would be revealed by letting go of the helium balloons and those with higher carbon emission would have longer strings attached to them.


The event attracted a lot of students from the University and some visitors from the Museum. Everyone found the games at the event interesting and said that they had learnt something new and tips on how to being more environmentally friendly.
There was food and refreshments provided during the event and interestingly most of the participants chose to eat the vegetarian food provided, rather than the meat. The team were happy to see the participants enjoying the games at the event and willing to make changes in their lifestyle to achieve a more sustainable way of living.

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Article and Photos by Ishiko Looi