Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change



Contributed on 26.04.2017 by Laura Holdstock

Every day we spend money on food, travel, clothes, toiletries…anything and everything. What we often forget is that every time we invest in something, it has an impact; whether it’s an impact on natural resources, other people, animals or the planet. Everything we invest in, there is always an impact on something. It’s important that we try and reduce our impact on the world.

Oroeco is an exciting app that helps you to make the right choices to reduce your carbon footprint and therefore protect the planet from climate change. Not only does it tell you how much carbon you can save from the environment, it also shows you how much money you can save in doing so.

By answering a few questions about your day to day life, Oroeco calculates and tracks your carbon footprint to show you how everything you do or buy connects to climate change. It shows you ways you can decrease the amount of carbon you release into the atmosphere day to day, at the same time as saving your pennies. You can also support some of the best carbon reducing projects in the World.

As well as seeing how your actions are reducing your carbon footprint, you can also see how others are doing by connecting with friends. There’s even a chance to win cash prizes by inviting your friends to join the app!

Manchester’s goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 50% before the year 2020. Download the app to help you make more sustainable choices every day, in order to support Manchester’s climate change mission:  www.oroeco.com