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Made to move: £1.5 billion reasons to act!

By Robin Macdonald on 13.12.17

As a student, whose daily commute involves traversing Oxford and Wilmslow Road by bike, it cannot be over emphasised just how much the protected roadside traffic lanes encourage the use of bicycles when getting around Manchester. Cycling keeps me fit and saves me money so is an appealing mode of travel for cash strapped students. Yet I often hear from my fiends they are too worried to cycle in Manchester due to the volume of daily traffic passing in and out.


The 2017 Bike Right report shows that 77% of Greater Manchester Cyclists want safer provisions (see report here) and that is exactly what Greater Manchester’s cycling and walking commissioner Chris Boardman is asking for. On the on 15th December Chris will present “Made to move: 15 steps to transform Greater Manchester” initiative to Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham.


Transport for Greater Manchester have demonstrated that safe roads encourages more cyclists as they recorded over 1 million bicycle journeys having been taken on the Oxford Road and Wilmslow Road cycleway from September 2016 to November 2017 due to the improvements. This video from 2015 shows exactly why cyclists needed designated lanes.



Whether you are a regular cyclist, eager to start or a concerned commuter, you can support Chris Boardman’s plea by contacting your local MP via this link www.manchesterfoe.org.uk/made-to-move. It takes 2 minutes and could lead to some amazing changes over the next few years.


Check out the daily use of the Oxford Road cycle lane here and compare with with other cities around the world!