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Women in Sustainability - Manchester Event Summary

By Ffion Roberts on 28/02/18 

Held on the 21st of February 2018, this popular event led by Sustwomen and hosted by the Co-op presented a fantastic opportunity for women already employed within the field of sustainability, or those starting out, to learn from each other and share ideas.


The evening began with personal presentations given by a panel of leading women from the field. Speakers included: Cathryn Higgs, Head of Food Policy, The Cooperative; Claire Igoe, Acting Head of Environmental Sustainability, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust; Sarah Williams, Policy & Project Executive, The Land Trust; and Helen Middleton, FRSA, Business Adviser, Researcher & Project Developer.  Hearing about their individual career journeys into and within sustainability, the challenges they faced, their creative solutions and insights was incredibly inspiring.


As the evening progressed there were more informal opportunities for in-depth discussion with Q&A’s and a one-to-one networking session.  A great deal of useful advice was shared, such as the importance of networking and building a good relationship with companies.  How to engage colleagues with sustainability issues and get them to commit to behaviour changes was another highlight!


There were many useful take home messages, including ones relating to boosting confidence and changing attitude.  From what some participants said, the evening had been uplifting and empowered them to move forward in their careers.  The evening ended on a high with the key message that succeeding in a career in sustainability involves staying true to yourself by “sticking to your values”.  


For further information about this and future events visit www.womeninsustainability.co.uk, follow @Sustwomen on Twitter  or contact contact@womeninsustainability.co.uk