Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change


UK Green Building Council respond to Government's plan to abandon proposed restrictions on their ability to cut carbon emissions from house building


The UKGBC have made strong commitments to reduce the levels of carbon emitted during the construction process of all new housing, and vow to ensure that new housing does not contribute to the carbon problem that we already face.

However, the government are calling to “restrict local planning authorities from setting higher energy efficiency stands for dwellings” so that only the national building regulations must be considered when constructing new property - these low standards will mean that new building developments will not have to be net zero. 

UKGBC explain that “new building standards are undoubtably needed – but they must level us up collectively rather than levelling us down”. The Government are urged to allow local authorities to set higher requirements than national standards, to ensure that all building societies are on track to becoming carbon zero.

As mentioned in MCCA and MCCP's response to the Future Homes Standard Consultation, we are not supportive of the proposal to ‘remove the ability of local planning authorities to set higher energy efficiency standards than those in the Building Regulations.’ We believe that the Government should strongly encourage local authorities to work with their development partners to introduce local zero carbon standards as quickly as possible. Take a look at our response here.