Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change


Festival of Manchester - Survey

Manchester Climate Change Agency set up our marquee by the lake in Platt Fields Park, ready to ask all the communities that were present about their experiences with climate change.

Three key questions were written on our three trees:

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Have Your Say

We want to hear as many people's experiences with climate change, in as many communities across Manchester as possible, so as gain an insight into how best The Manchester Climate Change Agency can first and foremost help your community, and then mitigate climate change.

Please take our survey.

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Zero Carbon Europe - What's going on

A 'Greener Europe'. That was one of the six priorities being discussed at this week's 'EU Week of Regions and Cities'. So a perfect opportunity to see what other cities are doing on climate change and see what's on the horizon.

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Zero Carbon Cities Project Kick-off 26-27th September 2019

Last November 2018 we helped Manchester to set new climate change targets in line with the Paris Agreement and the latest science: a 15 million tonne 'carbon budget' for 2018-22, at least 13% reductions in CO2 every year (now at least 13.5% to take account of lack of progress in 2018), and zero carbon by 2038, at the latest.


Our priority now: action!


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Smart technology trials set to make Manchester roads safer for cyclists

A new technology See.Sense is being used by 200 bike-commuter volunteers across Manchester city centre. This technology links up to ‘smart’ cycle lights which contain sensors to collect data on the journey of a typical commute.

A second initiative has involved the instillation of ten courting sensors along Deasgate. These sensors record 12 types of road users so as to get a better picture of how Deasgate is being used.

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Carbon co-op Recruiting + Green Open Homes Event

Carbon co-op are currently expanding their team, recruiting a new staff member and a bank of freelance consultants to assist with the delivery of our People Powered Retrofit service.

The first point of contact for householders will be a new staff member, the Retrofit Advisor who will also help manage the service, co-ordinating workflow.

Carbon co-op are also recruiting a bank of freelance consultant Retrofit Co-ordinators to help householders make decisions, procure contractors and oversee Quality Assurance.

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Manchester Climate Strike 20th September 2019

On Friday 20th September 2019 young people and workers across the globe joined for a Global Climate Strike to demand action on climate change. A significant moment as it was very likely the biggest protest for action on climate change in history. According to 350.org about 4 million people took part.

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Manchester Climate Change Partnership Statement on the Global Climate Strike 20th September 2019


The Climate Strike is a big moment. It will focus minds and we welcome that. The climate emergency is the biggest challenge facing our city, and cities and societies the world over. A challenge we need to tackle right now, and over the years to come.


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Our Faith, Our Planet, Our Action Conference 2019


This week Manchester Cathedral hosted the annual Our Faith Our Planet Our Action Conference, which saw the coming together of people across all faiths and communities to discuss ongoing and future action towards climate change within Manchester. 


The evening started with a wonderful selection of food supplied by Open Kitchen MCR, a waste food social enterprise, which transforms food into delicious meals and snacks, that would have otherwise gone to waste.


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Manchester Climate Change Conference 2019 - A Call To Action!

On Monday 8th July we welcomed a record number of approximately 200 attendees to the University of Manchester’s North Campus for our annual Climate Change Conference. People from across the city joined together to discuss climate change within Manchester, and over 20 organisations came to discuss how they were helping Manchester to achieve its zero carbon targets, and what their plans are for the future. 


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