Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change

What's the Plan?


Manchester has committed to:

  • Emit only 15 million tonnes CO2 during 2018-2100 – our ‘carbon budget’
  • Reduce emissions by at least 13% year-on-year
  • Become a zero carbon city by 2038, at the latest 

These targets were set based on Manchester making its fair contribution to the Paris Agreement and were developed by the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. Further information is available here.



Actions by Every Resident and Organisation

We know what we need to do to meet our targets. There are 15 actions that we need every resident, school, college, business and organisation to take. There are actions that you can take right now (for example walking and taking more public transport, eating less meat), and others that will take time to plan for (for example, retrofitting your home or office, shifting to an electric vehicle).

The key thing is that we need EVERYONE to take these actions. Find out more here.



Manchester Climate Change Framework 2020-38

Manchester is different to other cities in that we don’t have a single plan setting out how we will meet our climate change targets – every individual and organisation in the city will ultimately have their own commitments and plans.

However, we need a way to bring it all together into a coherent and coordinated approach. To do that we are producing a Manchester Climate Change Framework for 2020-38. This document will set out our targets, the headline actions we need to deliver across the city, and a breakdown of what needs to be achieved in all our homes, schools, colleges, businesses and organisations. The ‘framework’ will provide a structure where every person, group and organisation can ‘plug in’ their own commitments and plans. Added together, this is how we will meet our targets.

To make a start, a draft Framework was published in February 2019 and endorsed by Manchester City Council in March 2019. Further information is available here.



Supporting and Enabling Action – Manchester Climate Change Action Plan 2020-22

Some of the things we need to do are more difficult than others and in some cases not yet fully possible. To enable us to act we need ‘enabling actions’ to be delivered by others. For example new advice and guidance, funding, financial incentives, new standards and guidance, new infrastructure, and others. The enabling actions that we need will be identified through talking to residents and organisations during 2019, and then set out in the Manchester Climate Change Action Plan for 2020-22.




The Framework 2020-38 and Action Plan 2020-22 are being produced between July 2019 and February 2020. This work is being coordinated by Manchester Climate Change Agency, working with a range of partners, in particular those who can help us reach communities and businesses across the city.



If you can help us with this work, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch at info@manchesterclimate.com


Updates on engaging with residents and organisations, and the development of the Framework and Action Plan will be provided in our events page and on our social media channels:

Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - YouTube.