Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change

Manchester Climate Change Framework 2020-25


Manchester has adopted a different approach to other cities. We don’t have a single plan setting out how we will meet our climate change targets. Our approach is based on every resident and every organisation in the city making and delivering their own commitments and action plans.


However, we need a way to bring all these plans together into a coherent and coordinated approach. To do that we are producing a Manchester Climate Change Framework for 2020-25. This document will set out our targets, the headline actions we need to meet our targets, and a high-level breakdown of what needs to be achieved in all our homes, schools, colleges, businesses and organisations. The Framework will provide a structure where every person, group and organisation can ‘plug in’ their own commitments and action plans. Added together, this is how we will meet our targets.


To make a start, a Draft Manchester Zero Carbon Framework 2020-38 was published in February 2019. The draft Framework was endorsed by Manchester City Council in March 2019


Updates on the development of the Framework 2020-25 have been presented to:

- Manchester City Council Climate Change Sub-group on 23rd January 2020

- Manchester City Council Neighbourhoods and Environment Scrutiny Committee on 5th February 2020

- Manchester City Council Executive Committee on 12th February 2020


The final Framework will be published here on 28th February 2020.


It is then scheduled to be considered by Manchester City Council at:

- Neighbourhoods and Environment Scrutiny Committee on 4th March 2020

Executive Committee on 11th March 2020

- Full Council on 25th March 2020


At the end of this process the aim is that Manchester City Council will formally adopt the Framework's proposed targets, on behalf of  the city, and endorse the Framework as the city's overarching strategy for meeting them.